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HitBTC, the most advanced crypto exchange since 2013, have the technical knowledge, customer base and manpower to take EOS global. Let us help.

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About us

As a Block Producer, HitBTC is committed to providing every member of our broad community with consistent and high-quality service, convenient support, and a voice in decision-making. We are dedicated to maintaining our excellent reputation as well as pioneering and encouraging the open-source development of the EOS Ecosystem. Our principles will ensure a culture of collaboration and innovation, providing security to the operations and scalability of the adoption of EOS technologies.

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EOS Block Producer with a global customer base
Global Customer Base

HitBTC has a global reach and a massive customer base. We constantly monitor the market and improve our client service, thereby acquiring deep insight into the wants and needs of those comprising the global crypto community. Positioned at the core of the EOS ecosystem, HitBTC will naturally channel its ability to anticipate the needs of the crypto space into making the EOSIO a friendlier place for its growing community.

EOS BP candidate to push technological progress in high-load systems
Technical Expertise

Electronic exchange systems are the leaders in high-load and state of the art platforms capable of handling massive throughput at extremely low latencies. Our engineering department consists of highly skilled individuals - including literal rocket scientists - and tackles complex problems on an everyday basis. The smooth and uninterrupted performance of our platform is our top priority and, as a block producer, we will use our expertise to maintain and enhance the performance of the EOSIO. Smooth performance is the central building block of both the HitBTC and EOSIO platforms.

Block producer with strong expertise in cryptocurrency exchange
EOS ecosystem

Being a leading cryptocurrency exchange for over five years has taught us that collaboration and support are crucial to building sustained customer satisfaction. In our capacity as BP, we believe that extending this knowledge and providing technical expertise at all times to the wider EOS community will help stimulate its expansion and development. Given the relative youth and complexity of the ever-evolving DLTs, we believe that sharing our expertise through support will prove indispensable to the success of numerous initiatives in the EOS space.

Block producer for EOS coin
Community empowerment

While the EOS community is comprised, to a large extent, of technically savvy individuals, there are equally as many newcomers in need of immediate guidance to quickly navigate through its evolving landscape. These early adopters are the ones who drive progress and have cardinal impact on the rate of expansion and proliferation of any decentralized system. Therefore, as a BP, we will be assisting them in this new undertaking by utilizing our expertise and providing continuous help in the form of detailed guides, educational video content, and live 24/7 support.

Block Producer Transparency

Transparency and accountability are the twin pillars that uphold the crypto space. As an industry leader, HitBTC is entirely committed to these ideals.
All material actions, transactions, non-operational decisions and changes to any of the statements or public commitments that affect the performance of HitBTC as EOS BP will be entirely transparent and will be communicated to the community in a timely and accurate manner without any undisclosed commitments, intentional ambiguities or alterations.
All operational processes will be entirely transparent and fully compliant with our values, as evinced in our Code of Conduct. All of our finances are, as they have always been, entirely on-chain, hence transparent and open to our community and any other interested party.

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