Code of Conduct

Communication & Openness

As an exchange operator, we have learned how important support and sharing are for our clients. Likewise, as a BP we will maintain an efficient communication channel between the EOS community and ourselves. Thereby, we will hold frequent discussions between our technical team and the community in an understanding manner for all. For us, this communication will be vital in order to better understand the community’s needs and deliver value accordingly, all while gaining the most valuable asset: trust through transparency.

Constitution & Arbitration

The EOS Constitution is the document paving the way for any and all of our actions. We commit to upholding the rules set therein and their amendments under all circumstances, to the best of our knowledge, expertise, abilities.

The decisions and conclusions reached by the EOS community-elected Arbitrators will always be respected and upheld, notwithstanding the subject matter and our own personal views of the issues in question. Should we disagree with decisions made by the Arbitrators, we will do so publicly.

No Vote Purchasing, Transparency, & Efficient RAM Market

It is our company belief that vote buying, and any similar action that attempts to solicit voters, is poisonous for any decentralized system in that it benefits only a few at the expense of the community. Such practice can only be considered an attempt to destroy the very purpose and foundation of the EOS ecosystem. In accordance with this belief, we shall never provide incentive of any kind - monetary or other - to obtain votes directly for a fee, or solicit EOS Proxies in assisting us to do so. All transactions that we make will be done in a fully transparent manner and specified in an understandable fashion. As noted, transparency is one of our guiding principles and, as such, we shall not structure our operations in a way that might allow for any type of activity to be endeavored against the transaction(s) validation process, regardless of the nature of the transaction.

Similar to the transaction validation process, we view the market for RAM as one that is equally essential for the workings and growth of the EOS ecosystem. Therefore, we will always do our utmost to protect RAM price discovery, and will never take any actions to disrupt this fundamental part of the system process.

Entirely Independent & Against Collusion

Wherever one finds a market in which a few companies have colluded to form a cartel, one will most likely also discover stagnation. These companies will inevitably form a monopoly to extract super profits, and create a deadweight loss for society. In the case of EOS, its community would be greatly affected. According to this line of reasoning, HitBTC will strive to fully prevent rent-seeking or collusive behavior with other BPs, in an attempt to preclude the accruing of benefits by only a select few, as opposed to the entire community. On the contrary, we will constantly seek to enhance the system through the sharing of knowledge and experience in a collaborative manner with the rest of the BPs.

Throughout history, a lack of independence and a lack of bias caused by conflicts of interest have proven devastating for many businesses and even industries. In light of this, we commit to remaining fully independent, with no direct or indirect holdings or relations - operational or financial - with other block producers. Keeping in mind the efficient growth of the ecosystem, we will apply this virtue not only to the EOS blockchain, but to all other chains built around EOSIO, and never on more than a single node.

Performance & Security

Last but not least, we will employ our technical expertise in high-load, low-latency, and secure systems to ensure the uninterrupted performance of the BP. We deem continuous improvement through optimization of both the software and hardware sides crucial. We believe that this approach, accompanied by the channeling of BP rewards towards the enhancement of the quality of human capital, will contribute to building a versatile system capable of scaling in accordance with the demands of the EOS ecosystem. Security checks from independent auditors will be carried out on a regular basis, which, along with our experience as an exchange, are proven to add an integral layer of reliability and safety to any high-value system.