The Ownership Structure

It is our belief that the framework of the crypto space is built upon the integrity and fairness of the individuals and corporations involved in it. Given the widespread proliferation of both physical and cyber threats and attacks in the industry, we also fully understand that the safety and privacy of those individuals and companies alike are of critical importance.

Ever since our inception in 2013, we have been among the top exchanges in terms of trading activity, all while maintaining a standard of security well above the industry level as indicated by our track record. Being such a widely-used exchange, the scale and reach of our operations are significantly wider than that of a typical block producer. While we feel compelled to reveal and disclose publicly the identities of our shareholders, we also realize and stress the fact that safety is key to ensuring the uninterrupted, efficient, and steady performance of both entities. Therefore, we ask the EOS community as well as our own to understand our position in maintaining the anonymity of our shareholders.

To demonstrate our ability to effectively operate as a BP, all internal engineering enhancements and developments will be made available to the EOS community. It is our belief that being transparent with our technical knowledge, experience, and expertise will testify to our capabilities. This knowledge forms the bedrock upon which our continuing operations as a cryptocurrency trading venue are built. It is these principles that will account for our preparedness to carry out, efficiently and effectively, the EOS block producer activities in a technologically sound fashion. Finally, the utilization of all block producer rewards will be fully transparent and prudent, so as to ensure the auditability of our adherence to the EOS Constitution and the community.